GCHIP: Greenwich Community Health Inprovement Partnership
GCHIP: Outcomes banner
In collaboration with other entities and individuals throughout Greenwich and the region, the Greenwich Community Health Improvement Partnership (GCHIP) was able to:

Walk Across America/Fall In to Fitness Program from 1 to 3 schools that have improved physical fitness scores!

Recruitment and retention of Dr. Sethi (Pediatric Dentist) with 1,000's of encounters!

Establishment of a 4 bed holding area for mental health, behavioral health and substance abuse in the Greenwich Hospital Emergency Department
  • Multicultural Health and Heritage Fair
  • Over 350 attendees
    • No-cost health screenings
    • dental (50)
    • kidney (37) blood pressure (37-18 elevated and referred)
    • dermascan screening (43)
    • cholesterol and blood sugar screenings were provided (50)
    • mammograms were scheduled (6)
    • 100 Child Identification kits were distributed

Mental/Behavioral Health Service Matrix created that – in one location – the Mental/Behavioral Health Services in the region can be found (still evolving)

Women's Health Fair
  • 15 health exhibits provided bilingual information
  • 13 of 25 women were found to have moderate or high risk osteoporosis
  • 7 of 27 had high cholesterol
  • 4 of 13 dental screenings had adverse findings
  • 7 of 31 had foot pathologies identified
  • Those with adverse findings were referred for follow-up
  • Raised awareness about school based health centers

    Increased knowledge of what is a Federally Qualified Health Center

    Many more!